Cryogenic & Piping Engineering

A complete new setup, change in plans, standard solutions, new concepts and custom lines. For each demand we make a difference. Using our experience and vendors we can offer a guidance to calculated and visualised solutions. For insulated piping, conditioning, monitoring, equipment to total system integration, with planning and safety. LN2 LOX LAr LHe LCH4 LH2......

Process & P&ID & System

A process diagram makes it clear which part are in the system and how they combine together. We visualise them so that the layout gets clear. Calculations, sensors, controls, tags, safety and failures can be adressed. If it's a future plan, a change in plan or a missing plan. We get it visual.

Vacuum Insulated Piping

For each application, there are various possibilities. Depending on durance, media, routing, installation, pricing and connectivity. We make the on-site drawings for calculation and installation. We can offer, or even guide third party production and piping installation.

Optimized Safe Site Setup

We see possibility's and ask questions like "why?". Solutions and optimization is not always in favour of our own profit. We love to offer easier, cleaner and better solutions. We come with new insights.

Setups are used daily, so it must be good for people, process and environment.

A safe setup is a profitable setup.

3D Modelling - It's a drawing!

For "De Fontein Waterzuivering" we made digital models. Thanks to these models neat manuals can be created with measurements and installation documentation. Also the models give opportunities for future innovations and development.


Big lists of data do not scare us away. We know how to clean-up and transpose data. Make analyses and reports. We did it before with medical, energy, agricultural, construction, planning, project marketing, customer and datalogger data, and we will do it again. Get surprised, we get it organized.


With clean data, the opportunities are great. And with data, we can make data. Automate processes, get in control, get overview, dashboards and set in direction. Reuse data, log sensors and events, control data with data, plan with data, make reports.

Test the functionality. Get reports and plan again.