Member of the Koninklijke Metaalunie

We offer, work and deliver according to the General Terms and Conditions issued by Koninklijke Metaalunie (the employers' organisation for small and medium-sized enterprices in the metal industry. We can and will provide these terms in Dutch, English, German or French. Koninklijke Metaalunie assist and supports. This way, together we can focus on the job.

How we got started

Once upon a time, it was time. I had to start by myself. I should been started ten years earlier. In 2018 we bought a mobile home and turn it into a office. Fitted with internet, telephone, plotter, it had pretty enough to get all ideas on paper. It was a good seasonally solution.


Every product has a source and inspiration. Bonne Rook is the source of many cryogenic start-ups. He knows the mechanism and chemistry behind cryogenics for over 40 years. Thankfully he still shares and supports us with knowledge and advice. When cryogenics gets to hot, we get to Bonne, to CABBAR CRYOCONSULT.

More Space & Office to come

As focus, space and work-life balance become more important, the plans to built a good office came more and more forward. Unfortunately the crises took away all reserves. Plans got put on hold. Now we make slow progress. But we still know we can contribute a lot.

For everybody; plant a tree, build that house, live a life.

Get it on track.

About... your contribution?

Want to get mentioned? Please provide a reference, and we will give a link. Your story can make a difference. Get in touch...

Work Team

As projects and our office develop, our team also develops. We hope to get in touch, make an appointment and when possible receive in hospitality.




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