What We Do?



Realising plans!


As a technical business engineer we bring ideas to paper, paper to plans and plans to realisation. Big and small challenges we take to stepstone phases. We tackle these phases in the most practical and creative way.

Overseeing challenges, situations, and processes at site. We develop process-flows, isometric drawings, part/module and machine 3D precision visualisations. Building forth on demands and innovative insights. We will set new visions and idea’s. Finding the best solution. Go the step beyond, proceed where others quit.

Analyse data, come up with sketches or even complete 3D CAD models. Set price calculations, find suitable vendors and manufacturers. And even then, we can accompany, fabricate, mount and service in a mindful way.


Together we PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT.

Rolling out the plan onto a higher level.


Gases & Cryogenic Piping, valves and conditioning (for extreme cold fluids i.e. LN2: liquid nitrogen, LO2: liquid oxygen, LNG, LH2: liquid hydrogen and LHe: liquid helium).

Stainless steel solutions (e.g. measurement enclosures, sanitary, control boxes and custom systems).

Integrated systems and solutions.

Document the current status, fases, planning and realisation.


We share and offer our experiance and skills in various supply chains:

Agricultural, Food industry, Water treatment, Proces and Make industry, Medical, Research & Development, Aviation & Space.


- Uw Uitdaging is ons Plan -

- Ihre Herausforderung ist unser Plan -

- Your Challenge is our Plan -


Oldemarktseweg 190

NL-8342-SC Basse

Call us:

+31 (0) 850 16 15 14


info @ planrook . com

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